Optimizing ArtPrize

Optimizing ArtPrize – copied from a note on my Facebook written a couple days ago. Spreading this idea to anyone who will listen!

Voting and “liking” system – limitless “likes” available for casting online with discussion areas for each piece – continues through entire event. Similar to Facebook pages.
Only 10 votes per person during the first week, changeable until initial voting ends – so people must choose only what they think should be in the top ten.

Top ten not chosen after first week – rather a pool to be explained below. The top ten would be announced in order at the end of two weeks with no voting afterwards.

The pool would consist of a representative amount of artists from each neighborhood – such as if Center City has 600, Westside 400, and Heartside 200, the top 6, 4, and 2, from each neighborhood respectfully, would make it into the pool.

This system would include all neighborhoods. It would also cut down on votes cast for highly-likable pieces – such pieces invite voters to throw votes their way even though the voter may not feel the piece is actually worthy of the top ten. Instead, voters could cast “likes” for such pieces while saving votes for what they really believe merits awards. This may also generate further discussion and thought as people consider why they would choose a “like” or a vote for a piece.

Also, optimize viewer time by creating map symbols indicating when some or all pieces at a venue are viewable outside – maybe a moon and half moon. This way people can better plan their time and visit outdoor exhibits during off-hours. It would also cut confusion as to where to look for art at venues.

Personally, I also feel it would be appropriate to require venues to allow photography of the ArtPrize pieces – not allowing this cheats both the viewer and artist from social promotion.



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