Not-to-miss with the kids

Kevin Kammeraad’s puppet show in front of the children’s museum – really is fun for all ages, and so is the other piece there.

The cube at Taylor and Leonard – go inside and interact with sound and lights reminiscent of Star Wars light sabers.

Rusty the dog at the Public Museum and the monkeys on the blue bridge of course! Very fun. Visiting the Public Museum for free is a must, too.

Cascade the CD waterfall in front of DeVos Place – play underneath it for the surprise.

Changes in the Hen House In Huntington/50 Monroe – ok, so this is the one made by the artist saying with me, but it’s fun. Most likely fun for little kids and adults – the kids will like the figures, the adults will “get it”. Great venue, too.

The BOB parking lot – some interactive pieces and generally family-fun/friendly pieces, not going to list them all but plenty there.

The dinosaur in front of the Van Andel arena – kids seem to like that one.

Noah’s Ark scene made from crayons at Cathedral Square – very colorful and fun.


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