I’ve been talking about what I’d like to see being blogged about ArtPrize, things to help people see more pieces – so I decided I may as well start one since I consider myself to know a lot about the event.

I missed most of the first year unfortunately, being very busy with school. But after moving downtown in time for the second year I managed to visit every venue in 2010, guide some friends and family with less time to visit to some of the really good stuff, and form plenty of opinions on how things should be done, though I never shared them with anyone other than my family. This year I’ve upped my involvement; I’ll have volunteered a total of 22 shifts, hosted a couple artists in my home, and am well on my way to visiting every venue again. This time I’ve shared my opinions and ideas with anyone who will listen – other volunteers, the artists staying with me, ArtPrize staff, in comments on Twitter, Facebook, mlive and to a radio DJ, and now here.

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