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Encourage your favorite artists!

I suspect they’ll appreciate it. Just look them up on and leave a comment. It’s something I’m trying to do as I go through my photos and artist cards. I don’t know if the artists get notices that they have comments (hope they do!) – maybe they’ll never see them – but it’s at least nice to think about what you appreciate in the work and why you like it as you write the comment.


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Poll: Voting and ArtPrize

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I’ve been talking about what I’d like to see being blogged about ArtPrize, things to help people see more pieces – so I decided I may as well start one since I consider myself to know a lot about the event. I don’t know what other blogs may exist, am am not currently inclined to search them out as my Internet access is limited to this iPhone I’m typing this on. I hope that will change tonight, as I’ve been trying to get home service since moving a month ago. Then I’ll try to blog different things than what is already being blogged.

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